Xiahou Ba
Xiahou Ba
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Xiahou Ba
Chinese name: 夏侯霸
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 205
Died: 262

Xiahou Ba was a Shu general.


Xiahou Ba was the son of Xiahou Yuan and was a Wei commander. At a young age, Xiahou Ba participated in his father's campaign at Hanzhong fighting against Zhuge Liang's first invasion of Wei at Dingjunshan. Xiahou Ba took over his father's crippled division when his father was hit by an arrow to the throat by Huang Zhong, and led a fighting withdrawal from Dingjun. In AD 228, he fought against Zhuge Liang's First Northern Expedition at Jieting and later participated in the campaign at Chen Cang Castle and the following battles. At Qishan in AD 231, he was lured into an attack by Wei Yan and his division was destroyed, yet he fought valiantly in battle. Following the defeat there, he participated in the Wei attack on Zhuge Liang's final expedition at Wuzhang Plains. He commanded the Wei vanguard and was defeated in battle by the Shu officer Wang Ping and suffered heavy casualties from his crossbow unit. But he did manage to aid in the advance that resulted in a Wei triumph, and gained renown for his battlefield prowess. Xiahou Ba was one of the sub-generals of Sima Yi during the invasion of the Kingdom of Yan in AD 238, when the Governor of Liaodong Gongsun Yuan rebelled and declared himself king. Gongsun Yuan was holed up in Xiangping Castle, and Xiahou led the charge that secured the castle for Wei. In AD 240 he was made Inspector-General of the Army, replacing Xiahou Ru. Xiahou Ba later commanded an army during the massive invasion of Shu by Regent-Marshal Cao Shuang in AD 244 at Xingshishan, and avoided hate for the loss there due to the temerity of Cao Shuang. After the execution of Cao Shuang by Sima Yi after his coup d'etat in AD 249, Xiahou Ba and his entire army fled to Shu and became soldiers there. Xiahou Ba's first battle for Shu was at Mt. Niu Zhu, where Jiang Wei's First Northern Expedition was defeated by Wei generals Sima Zhao, Sima Shi, Deng Ai, and Guo Huai. He fought in the Second Northern Expedition at Mt. Tietong in AD 253, where he was wounded in action by General Guo Huai. However, Jiang Wei saved him by killing Guo Huai and rescuing him from the Wei forces. Xiahou Ba participated in the rest of Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions with a belittled role, but in AD 262 at Taoyang, he had a larger command. Xiahou Ba participated in the Sixth Northern Expedition to take the nine camps at Qishan held by Wei commander Deng Ai and his son Deng Zhong, and urged Jiang Wei to continue his northern campaign even after Emperor Liu Shan ordered him to withdraw the expedition at Huang Hao's behest. Xiahou Ba led his own army to attack Deng Ai's camp, but Wei general Zhong Hui ambushed him at a mountain pass. As stones and arrows hailed down upon the Shu detachment, Xiahou Ba was killed by the projectiles.